It is recommended that we go to our doctor every year for a physical check-up. This check-up assesses our body's current state, catches potential illnesses and determines our overall physical health. The Well provides a Wellness Check-Up that provides the same service, but focuses on assessing the emotional, mental and spiritual health of cross-cultural workers.

The challenges of cross-cultural ministry can often produce stressors that can negatively affect the well-being of ministry workers and their families. A Wellness Check-Up is a way for cross-cultural workers and their families to receive a emotional, mental and spiritual assessment – to ensure their well-being and support them in their ministry.

It is wise for a professional athlete to be physically healthy before playing an intensive match. Similarly, it is wise for a cross-cultural worker and their family to be emotionally, mentally and spiritually healthy before and during cross-cultural ministry. If you would like a Wellness Check-Up for you and/or your family, a member of our team at The Well would be happy to meet with you.

Wellness Check-Up is a service provided by both our Clinical and Pastoral Care teams.


Wellness Check-Up Example

During a Wellness Check-Up you will have an opportunity to have a conversation with one of our team members about the following:

1. Your role within your organization and how well that fits you:

a) How well does your current role match up with what you expected to be doing?

b) What have you learned about yourself and your gifting by being in this role?

2. Your work relationships:

a) Describe any relationship in your work that inspires you to follow that person’s example.

b) What have you seen others do that you want to avoid?

3. Your family dynamics:

a) Who in your immediate family (or work team, if single) is struggling most and how can you help them?

b) How are you being impacted by extended family issues?

4. Cross-cultural living:

a) What aspect of cross-cultural living allows you to shine?

b) What aspect of cross-cultural living is a real stretch for you?

5. Your personal growth and walk with the Lord:

a) How would you describe your current walk with the Lord?

b) How does that compare with where you would like your walk to be? Or where it used to be.

If you would like, you can take the CernySmith Assessment online which can provide a springboard for the conversation, but the conversation can take place without it as well.