LingHuei Wang

Clinical Counsellor

M.Div. Biblical Counseling
D.Min. Marriage and Family Counselling

Linghuei April 2018.jpg

Services Offered

Areas of Focus

  • Marriage

  • Asian Family.

LingHuei originally comes from Taiwan. She became a follower of Jesus while studying in the USA at the age of 25, and was then called to international service while working as a computer systems engineer. She first served ten years in Argentina, and then another ten years in Taiwan as a Licensed Counselling Psychologist and member care provider while looking after the needs of her mother. Over thirty years of living and working in international contexts have led to a unique identity, blending Chinese, American, and Latino cultures, and an understanding of the special challenges and pleasures of working internationally.

After her mother’s passing, LingHuei moved to Thailand in 2013.  Her prayer is that God will use her unique background to support and care for cross-cultural workers throughout Asia.

LingHuei speaks English and Mandarin Chinese fluently.


Specialized Training

  • Licensed Counselling Psychologist

  • Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

  • Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis

  • CernySmith Cross Cultural Adjustment Index