Vicky Boontanom

Translator/Administrative Assistant



Vicky was born and raised in a Buddhist family in Bangkok, Thailand. After graduating from high school in 2012, Vicky went to the United States to pursue a mechanical engineering degree at Virginia Tech. Through sorrows and disappointment the Lord reached out his hands to Vicky and brought her to a freshman bible study held by a mostly Korean American Christian fellowship called Cornerstone Christian Fellowship. Since then Vicky has had opportunities to serve as a Bible study leader and mentor to other college girls who struggling in their life journeys. Vicky also served as a Sunday school teacher and a children’s worship leader at her local church while finishing her graduate studies at Virginia Tech.

In 2019, Vicky moved to Chiang Mai to join The Well where she serves as a translator and helps coordinate Thai Ministries.

Vicky enjoys good conversations over a cup of coffee. She has an interest in apologetics, church history and covenant theology. Vicky also really likes food (especially Korean food), photography and art.