Oi (Kulying) Kanjanamas



Oi 2.jpg

Kulying (who goes by Oi), was born in Chiang Mai province where she had a simple upbringing surrounded by nature. She began doing youth ministry in 2008 and became increasingly aware of people’s need for loving attention and strong personal relationships in order to grow. She became convinced of the importance of counselling and studied counselling in Singapore in 2014.

Oi believes that suffering people are healed when they feel they have been listened to and truly understood and that everyone can learn to listen, not just intellectually, but with their hearts. She loves to sit and listen to people’s stories as well as use creative activities that help people understand themselves better and handle the tricky situations of life.

Working as a translator for The Well has given Oi opportunity to learn from her colleagues as well as be part of introducing Thai people to counselling and other resources that can help them be well, live well and support others.

Oi is currently on study leave but plans to return to The Well in 2020.