Karen Block

Soul Care Provider

B.Sc. Linguistics
M.A. Linguistics

Karen April 2018.jpg

Karen, an adult TCK/MK, has served  in Thailand since 1990 with SIL International. Karen’s heart is to see those in ministry thriving (Ps. 32:8). So after 16 years in teaching and administration at Payap University, she shifted to a member care role. Believing that one of our biggest challenges in our journey with God is learning to let him love us and let that love transform us, she gained experience and training in areas that enable her to walk alongside others in that journey.

She longs to encourage and help others move deeper in their relationship with God. The gift of hospitality - a safe space - and the gift of listening have blessed Karen and she seeks  to pass that gift on. To that end, she received training in leading contemplative retreats, spiritual direction and debriefing. She has been leading and co-leading contemplative retreats since 2006, adding contemplative art retreats in 2011. Karen has been offering spiritual direction since 2009 and been involved in debriefing since 2010.

Areas of focus

  • Spiritual journey

  • Creative ways to respond to God

  • Resilience

Services offered

Specialized training

  • “The Formation of Spiritual Directors” - Spiritual Growth Ministries, New Zealand

  • Le Rucher Debriefing training

  • SIL Peer Debriefing training

  • CernySmith Assessment Coach training

  • Reflection and Prayer Retreat training