Dtuu (Panna)

Hospitality Manager


Dtuu Mark ii.jpg

Dtuu was born and raised in Chiang Rai where she loved working on the farm, growing vegetables, fishing and being close to nature. She has always enjoyed learning new things but cooking was something she came to especially love as she was growing up.

Dtuu came to know God personally when she was seventeen after she moved to Chiang Mai province. As a young woman, she took a short course in Bible and this opened up many opportunities to serve God. She has a hopeful outlook on the world and loves to share this with others.  

Dtuu came to work as cook and facilities caretaker at The Well in 2016. She has loved the chance to serve God in this place because of the relationships it has allowed her to build with her colleagues and the happy atmosphere that exists at The Well. She also loves being able to use her skills and abilities to serve others.