Ann-Christin Salomonsson

Member Care Provider


Services Offered

Pastoral Counseling
CernySmith Assessment

Areas of Focus

Grief and Loss

Specialty Training

Training in Symbols Therapy

Beginning in 1985, Ann-Christin and her husband Anders spent eight years in Manila, Philippines  with the Church of Sweden Mission. Ann-Christin worked as a music teacher at the Asian Institute for Liturgy and Music. It was during this time that their two children were born.

Ann-Christin´s experience of counselling started in the Philippines with her own need for processing the major transition of moving abroad and at the same time starting a family. Through this experience she attended a CPE-program (Supervised Pastoral Care) at Manila Heart Center.

After returning to Sweden to further studies she was ordained a Deacon in the Church of Sweden, with counselling as a main interest. As a parish deacon she met many people filled with joy and distress, both native Swedes and immigrants.  After completing the fundamental course in psychotherapy, she established a small counselling center in her parish, where she worked for 12 years.

During the last few years she has enjoyed using creative methods such as metaphor and creative art and has integrated these methods into her clinical work. She finds these tools useful in helping clients discover the fears, losses and longings of life as well as relax and slow down.

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