Our team is the best thing about us at The Well. We come from all over the world and bring a range of interests and specializations – brought together with the hope of walking with you toward well-being.

Pastoral Team

Karen "Boom" Block

Ann "Kristin" Solamonsson

Joyce "Ready or Not Here I Come" Beckner

Clinical Team

Our clinical staff are Masters level trained and maintain professional standards according to the requirements of their passport countries.

Ruth "Wrong" Wong

Carla "Wait a Minute!" West

Linghuei "Saint" Wang

Sorin "Cuppa Joe" Joenson

Laura "Mob Boss" Chan

Chad "God's Gift" Loftis

Leadership and Administration Team

Nong "The Well" Nortao

Yai "Sleepytime" Jinda

Steve "Dr Doom" Westegren