Soul Care seeks to renew, restore and strengthen your relationship with God in your daily life. Often, ministry in a new cultural environment can result in certain stressors that affect your relationship with God. Cross-cultural workers may have spiritual questions, challenges and obstacles that are impacting their walk with Christ. 

Our Soul Care team works with cross-cultural workers through these spiritual challenges, seeking understanding to questions and wisdom to overcome obstacles. 

We offer a variety of pastoral services, all designed to support you based on your specific needs. Our Soul Care team is an experienced, passionate group of individuals who look forward to serving you in your ministry. 

Click the headings below to read more about some of our Soul Care services.

Spiritual Direction

Christian Spiritual Direction seeks to nurture our relationship with God by helping us understand and acknowledge His presence in our daily lives. It is an opportunity to have a spiritual conversation about your experience, understanding and relationship with Christ. It aims to assist you in discerning His presence and leading in your life.

A spiritual direction conversation can be about any aspect of life, even those that aren’t normally considered ‘spiritual’. It is a space to share challenges and losses, while also celebrating joys and accomplishments, all with the hope of restoring, exploring and deepening our experience of God. This can be a single conversation or an on-going monthly (4-6 weeks) longer -term conversation.

Inner Healing Prayer

Inner Healing Prayer seeks to renew, restore and reconnect us in our relationship with God.

The challenges of cross-cultural ministry can often cause us to lose connection and fall out of touch in our relationship with God. This disconnection causes internal stress, which often manifests itself externally by negatively affecting our relationships and ministry. Inner Healing Prayer is a directive, healing-focused approach to this problem, and seeks to resolve one central question: "What is stopping us from hearing from God and how do we hear Him?"

There are several different models of inner healing prayer available at The Well:

  • Transformation Prayer (formerly called Theophostic Prayer)
  • Healing Timeline
  • Steps to Freedom in Christ
  • Immanuel Prayer


The Well hosts a variety of half-day and multi-day retreats designed to invite you to reconnect with God. They provide space to reflect on and process your experiences, prepare for and navigate the difficulties of transition, and to be refreshed.

Wellspring: Occurring every November, this week-long, residential retreat is a time of rest away from the busyness of life and to encounter God in new ways.

Returning and Resting: These half-day and weekend retreats are an invitation to slow down, become quiet, and to listen to God and to ourselves.

Thriving: These art & spiritual formation half-day and weekend retreats use art (collage, painting, drawing, storying etc.) in exploring and deepening our spiritual journey.

Personal: You may request a Soul Care Provider to guide you in the midst of a personal retreat time. A spiritual director or Soul Care Provider can help you plan your personal retreat.

See our Events or Contact Us to find out more about our retreats.

Transformation Prayer

Transformation Prayer is based on the principle that often the internal stress of life, and the pain we feel in a given circumstance are intensified through unresolved pain stored in our memories. When lies in people’s thinking are replaced with His truth, the result is an immediate and radical change. Mind renewal means inward and outward transformation. The role of the prayer minister is to gently guide the recipient to the place where they are able to hear and receive truth from the Lord. The aim of each session is for the person receiving ministry to encounter Jesus.

The Healing Timeline

The Healing Timeline uses real memories from a client’s lifetime to prove to their brain that a trauma or difficult experience is over. Current brain research supports the concept that new brain pathways can be created to alter the way a memory is stored. Repeated processing of the Healing Timeline creates this lasting change in the brain. To enhance the Healing Timeline, the Spirit and image of Christ is invited into earlier memories.

The Healing Timeline works well with Biblical Counselling, Spiritual Direction, and various forms of healing prayer ministry. Combining the Healing Timeline with inner healing prayer improves outcomes, over Christian talk therapy or inner healing alone.

Steps to Freedom in Christ

The Steps to Freedom is a tool to help people resolve personal and spiritual issues that are hindering their walk of faith and keeping them from enjoying connection with God. It can be useful in overcoming negative thought patterns, strongholds of sinful behaviour, as well as lies and deceptions in the belief system.

The Steps to Freedom are born out of the ministry of “Freedom In Christ” developed by Neil T. Anderson. The steps are based on the belief that believers in Christ are not just a product of their past, but are primarily a product of the work of Christ on the cross. The goal of this process is to be truly free from the bondage of our past, not simply to understand it.

Recommended reading: Victory Over the Darkness and The Bondage Breaker, by Neil T. Anderson


The Immanuel Approach

The goal of the Immanuel Approach is intimacy with God, a connection with the living Lord Jesus, who is Immanuel, God with us. It helps shift the focus from resolving trauma and relieving symptoms to an intimate connection with Him. The Immanuel Approach can help the recipient to remove barriers in his/her heart, which hinder this intimate connection. The resolution of psychological trauma and associated symptom relief begins as a result of this connection with Him, once hindrances have been removed.

The Immanuel Approach equips the recipient with tools to help connect them with the Lord in his/her daily walk through life.