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Chiang Mai Information and Resources

Moving to a new home in a new city and a new culture can be overwhelming. The following resources will help make the transition a little smoother.  Some resources are described below and others are accessible via a link to other pages on the website.

Before You Come to Chiang Mai

Helpful Hints for Getting Started In Chiang Mai (2014) is a publication of Raintree Resource Center. It is a goldmine of information needed when settling in Chiang Mai.   This booklet it available from the Raintree Library &  Resource Center or at the Chiang Mai Community Church Welcome Table during Sunday afternoon services (4:30 – 6:00 pm). If you would like to obtain this booklet prior to arriving in Chiang Mai (recommended) contact

Raintree features a free lending library with over 7000 English books and 600 videos.

Location: First Level – CMCC Center, 3 Charoen Muang Road    

Phone: 053 262 660

Opening Hours:  10.00 a.m. – 12.00 noon (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday), 3.00 p.m. – 4.15 p.m. (Sunday)

Chiang Mai Classifieds

The Chiang Mai Christian Community Classifieds is a free weekly E-Bulletin of useful information – homes for rent, items for sale, events and much more.   This is also a monthly directory of businesses and services that have been recommended.  Visit to view recent editions, submit ads or subscribe.

On the first week of the month, The Classifieds produces CCCC Community Resources & Business Services.This includes persons or businesses that have been recommended by readers, listings of regular events within the community such as fitness and athletic events, Bible studies, children’s activities and more.  Also on this page, check out the Ads Map of Chiang Mai. 


There is a wide range of helpful maps and road atlases but the following items are recommended because they provide a lot of additional information.

  • Big Map (2014) is the most detailed map. There are 2 versions available, with the map covering the entire city extending beyond the second ring road. Available at Suriwong Books.
  • Chiang Mai DirectoryThe Book of What, Where and How includes a 100-page directory of business listings, 60 pages of maps and much more.  Available in bookstores.
  • Nancy Chandler Map of Chiang Mai includes a lot of helpful information as well as detailed maps of Wararot Market and the Night Bazaar.  Available at bookstores.  The website includes more helpful information
  • Maps of rural areas surrounding Chiang Mai are available at D.K. Books


The Health Network is a service provided by English-speaking health professionals living in Chiang Mai.  Their main purpose is to be a resource of health information and expertise to each other and then to the expat community.  The Health Network is a source for health care promotion to newcomers to Chiang Mai, both to those living here, and to those who come here seeking medical care while visiting.  These services include:

Health Guidance:  As a network we have different areas of expertise in healthcare and illness prevention.   At times we are able to give health advice to individuals who do not know where to turn for a medical or health problem. Three of our medical doctors are willing to provide health guidance for these types of situations.  We are not a substitute for the Thai medical system but we can complement the Thai system with health guidance, ensuring the best use of the Thai medical system.

  • Are you here in Asia and facing a health challenge?  Need advice about where to turn?  [Note this is NOT for medical emergencies]
  • Do you need a comprehensive on-line screening “snapshot” of your health and don’t know where to go?
  •  Are you facing a health challenge that seems to be a combination of many factors (physical, emotional, spiritual, relational) and need advice?

Please contact us by email at with a very brief description of your health problem. Send us an email and if possible a phone number.  One of our health network professionals or doctors will contact you in return. You may first be directed to do a confidential ‘on-line’ health assessment and submit the results to one of our doctors, who will then contact you.

Giving Birth in Chiang Mai

Whether you are a Chiang Mai resident or coming to Chiang Mai from another country, there is great support available as you welcome a new baby into your family.

  • Birthing Classes – A team of  expat nurses offer a series of child birth preparation classes for first-time parents or a 2-hour refresher course for others.  Classes are free of charge.  Contact Lori Rowe for more information.  There is also a large collection of maternity clothes and books (and some baby things) for you to use–just let Lori know your needs.
  • Giving Birth In Chiang Mai is a booklet which provides names of doctors and hospitals, explains how things work, suggests places to stay, and information regarding for visa and paperwork.  It is available from Raintree Resource Center ( or contact Lori Rowe (

Resources for Children

If you will have children with you in Chiang Mai, the following information is available from The Well upon request:

  • Resources regarding TCK’s (Third Culture Kids)
  • Schools – see listing in Helpful Hints For Settling In Chiang Mai or do an internet search for international schools in Chiang Mai.
  • Support for Homeschooling Families
  • Asia Education Resource Consulting  (A.E.R.C.) provides support for homeschoolers
  • CHECK (Chiang Mai Home Educators Cooperative for Kids) 

Additional Sources of Information

  • There are many websites with general information regarding Chiang Mai, such as as well as sites for specific tourist attractions and tour companies.
  • Free publications for tourists are often available at hotels, shops, restaurants, etc.   They contain articles, maps and general information.  Collect some for your reference and to share with house guests. 

Thank you

A big word of appreciation to the Raintree Resource Center, The Health Network,  and all others who freely shared their information and expertise!

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