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Debriefing Training for Member Care Providers

  • The Well Foundation 178/67 Mu 7 World Club Land T. Nongkwai A. HangDong Chiang mai Thailand (map)

This Debriefing Training is designed to equip you with tools that will enable you function confidently and effectively as a debriefer.  You will be prepared you to do both Critical Incident and general Peer Care Debriefings for those you serve in your cross-cultural work as a member care provider. During this training we will cover topics like

·         How debriefing helps and hurts                                    

·         The symptoms of Critical Incident Stress                        

·         Who to Debrief and when                                                  

·         Step-by-Step Instructions for conducting a debrief    

·         How to help someone develop a coping plan                

·         And much, much more

This is an interactive workshop. There will be numerous opportunities to interact with other participants and to develop your skills by practicing the skills you learn.

What is Debriefing?

Debriefing is emotional-first aid for those who have experienced a traumatic, emotionally upsetting or stressful experience. It is also effective in helping cross-cultural workers process their challenges, stresses, and successes in ministry. Living and working cross-culturally presents unique stressors and situations not experienced by people living in their own culture. Debriefing is a way for individuals to reflect on and integrate these situations more intentionally than they would with a friend or co-worker. It helps them to fully explore an experience so it can become a positive element in adjusting to a new culture or life situation.

What participants are saying about this training…..

“To hear the person say: " felt good talking to you, you listening and just being there for me."  And how I saw the relief in the person when she heard those 2 words of comfort... "It's normal..."  She burst into tears and just opened up more.” 

“The Instructors are very knowledgeable and they explained the debriefing principles very well. I would like recommend this Seminar to other people who are interested in debriefing and have love for other people.” 

“I enjoyed the practice activity that we did because it gave us the opportunity to experience what it would be like in an actual debriefing situation, learn how I might react, and how to help people in very practical ways. I will definitely apply the knowledge I have gained in this workshop with the people I serve in my ministry.” 

Dates:                  November 13 – November 16, 2017  8:30 am to 4:00 pm
Location:             The Well International
Cost:                    4000 THB
More Info:            Mark Ventrella

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