Living and working cross-culturally presents unique stressors and situations not experienced by people living in their own culture. Debriefing is a way to reflect on and integrate these situations more intentionally than you would with a friend or co-worker. It helps you to fully explore an experience so it can become a positive element in adjusting to a new culture or life situation.

We believe there are key times in cross-cultural living when it can be helpful to stop, evaluate and reflect on our life stories.

1) In your first term of cross cultural service, especially in the first year

2) After any significant life-change event

3) Prior to leaving for home assignment

4) Any time you feel it would be beneficial

Our multicultural team at The Well understands the challenges of a new cultural environment. We provide a Debriefing service that will support your mental, emotional and relational well-being. If you have a desire to respond to your challenges and stressors, to incorporate them into your life in a healthy and positive way, one of our Well Providers would be glad to meet with you. 

Debriefing is not counselling, it is a way to process specific events or periods of time by exploring the impact and interpretation of that experience. Debriefing can also be helpful in developing a preventative or restorative plan for holistic well-being. Regular debriefs are often a part of an individual’s soul care plan.

Optionally, you can take the CernySmith Assessment (CSA) online to provide extra information and a springboard for your debriefing sessions.