Living and working in a cross-cultural setting presents unique stressors and situations often not experienced by people living in their own culture. Debriefing is a way to reflect on and integrate these experiences more carefully, confidentially and intentionally than you would with a friend or co-worker. It provides an opportunity to fully understand an experience – to make it part of your story – and it can become a key element in adjusting to a new culture or life situation.  

The Well provides a Debriefing service with the purpose of supporting your mental, emotional and relational well-being. If you are feeling a need to respond to environmental challenges and other stressors, to incorporate them as part of your story in a healthy and positive way, a member of our team would be glad to meet with you. Our team is a multicultural group of individuals who are from around the globe – and understand the challenges of a new cultural environment.

Since we believe it is wise to regularly reflect on experience, debriefing can be scheduled on a regular basis or as needed. Experience tells us that there are key times in life where it is helpful to stop and evaluate. They are:

1) In your first term of service, especially in the first year

2) After any significant life-change event, and

3) Prior to leaving for extended home service.

Debriefing is a service offered by both our Clinical and Pastoral Team.

Distinctive of Debriefing

Debriefing is processing a specific event or period of time to explore the impact of the experience and the manner in which one has interpreted the experience. Debriefing can be a preventative or restorative service and is appropriate for everyone living/working in a cross-cultural experience. Additionally, debriefing can help develop a plan for emotional health in the future.